Whether you’re looking to enhance your connection with your partner or navigate through challenging times, I will be here to guide and support you on your journey towards lasting love and understanding.

I use the renowned Gottman Method to help couples build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. The Gottman Method is a type of couples therapy developed by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman. Interventions used in the Gottman Method are tightly effective and research-based (over 40 years). You’ll learn how to use the interventions at home to help you with your verbal communication and increase intimacy, respect, and affection. You will learn how to remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy and create a higher level of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship

Building a Deeper Friendship  – Feeling Seen, Heard and Understood  

We all change and grow as we get older, but we don’t always notice the changes in ourselves or our partners. I will guide you and your partner to:

  • get to know each other better and deepen your friendship.
  • Build trust and commitment (even if it needs just a little refresh)
  • Have honest, clear and effective conversations
  • Become great listeners
  • Feel like your partner “gets” you, validate and acknowledge you. 

Manage Conflicts – How to Argue Better

The majority of our problems are unsolvable BUT with the research-based tools, exercises and communication skills you will learn with me how to :

  • process your arguments and fights
  • calm yourself when you get overwhelmed during an argument
  • get the conversation back on track, or even how to start one.
  • express and feel validated
  • be a great listener
  • recover, heal and move forward

 Create Share Meanings –  Dreams, Goals, Traditions and Rituals

It might feel like you will be starting your relationship all over again *, and that is a good thing. We often at the beginning build our relationships on experiences we had with our previous partners, high/low expectations, our upbringing and trauma.

I will support and guide you to create share meanings, talk about each other’s dreams, and your dream’s deep connections to your past, and create new traditions and rituals for your life together.

* This will especially apply to couples with affairs. I will guide you and your partner to create a marriage/relationship No. 2. 

Intimacy – Passion, Emotional Intimacy and Closeness

When a relationship is rocky intimacy of any kind takes a bit hit. It can be extremely frustrating and painful for both of you. You might feel unloved, unattractive and much more. We’ll explore what is in the way to be intimate and feel connected to your partner. Some of these will be obvious (busy life, kids, tiredness) but you might discover a lot about you and your partner. We’ll not rush this part as it might require healing from trauma. It will require courage, empathy and great listening to create the passion, fun, connection and intimacy you would love to have.

About me

I moved to the UK in 2008 from the Czech Republic knowing only a few words in English. Somehow I managed not to go back to the safety of my home town and made my life here. My first business adventure was being a nutritional consultant, but soon I noticed how profoundly our relationships impact our diet, lifestyle and mindset about taking care of ourselves. After a few years, I moved into relationship therapy. I’m passionate about helping individuals and couples feel heard, seen and understood. 

My past relationships were rather questionable. But I don’t regret any of them. I learnt a great deal from each of my disasters. I’ve been with my husband for nearly ten years and it has been a rollercoaster ride. Being the second wife and stepmum was extremely difficult, but you can find out more about my journey in my older podcast episodes and blog.

I Got That Wrong podcast was previously known as The Step In Mum. It was the very first UK podcast for stepmums that I started in 2019. I connected with stepmums from all over the world and it helped me to understand how our problems are the same.

The Step in Mum and my journey was an eye-opener that stepchildren and exes are not the biggest problems of relationships. Yes, they can put extreme pressure on people, but it’s on the couple how they will handle it. For me, it meant building a solid foundation for our relationship with my husband. Honestly, we had to do it a few times. It’s a natural process, especially if life throws at you a lot. I’m a proud mum to a little boy, I’ve been sober for four years and I’m planning to learn Italian so I can retire there one day.


The Gottman Institute Training

I completed Level 1 and 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Treating Affairs and Trauma – Helping Couples Heal and Rebuild Trust


NCFE CACHE Level 2 Understanding Domestic Abuse

Nutritional Consultant Level 3 – Open Study College