Blended Family Coach and My Story 

Hi, my name is Veronika Durham. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and moved to London in 2008. As a blended family coach I’m helping individuals, couples and families to transform their relationships by learning powerful tools and owning finding the true love within themselves and others.

I’ve been my own boss for over five years and I’m loving it. Most importantly I feel extremely grateful for my husband’s and family support to be able to completely change my life and find my purpose.

My Passion

My passion is for coaching people who want to make a positive difference and being in happy and passionate relationships. For this reason I help my clients to find clarity, purpose and passion in every area of their lives. 

My Journey

My journey as a second wife and step-mum inspired me to start breaking the stigma associated with these two but you can find out more about it HERE  or in my BLOGS  

In addition in December 2019 I launched The very first UK podcast for stepmums, co and single parents. The Step in mum 


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Why me?

My coaching is a mix of personal experience, training and research. I’m honest and you won’t get any fake ‘falala’ BS from me and I won’t take any from you.

I won’t sugar-coat anything but I’m compassionate and friendly.

Bringing a fresh air, lightness and a bit of humour to our session. So don’t expect stuffy and boring sessions. 

I’ve been there! My journey of a second wife and stepmum taught me a lot but you can find out more about it HERE

I teach my clients empathy, accountability and emotional intelligence through genuine human connections. 

 How does it work?   

Book a 60-minute Complimentary Session: We’ll explore the issues you would like to deal with or where do you need support. My promise to you it’s that you’ll walk away with a breakthrough from this session. Book HERE.

I work with most of my clients over the phone and video calls. You can have your session in pyjamas, during your lunch break or even in a quiet coffee shop if you need to hide from your partner or family (yes, I had many session with my clients being in a coffee shop). 

Packages & Prices: You can choose from a range of packages ranging from 1-3 hours to packages that offer continual support for 3 to 12 months.  Prices start from £50. 

Invite Your Partner: you can invite our partner for one session for no extra charge otherwise or you can simply upgrade yours. 

Support In Between: you’re welcome to call or email me in between sessions if you’re dealing with something urgent, which can’t wait until the next session. One quick conversation can help you to be powerful and get ‘unstuck’.


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