My Story 

Hi, my name is Veronika Durham. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and moved to London in 2008. 

I’m helping individuals, couples and families to transform their relationships by learning powerful tools and owning finding the true love within themselves and others.

I’ve been my own boss for over five years and I’m loving it. I feel extremely grateful for my husband’s and family support to be able to completely change my life and find my purpose.

My Passion

My passion is for coaching people who want to make a positive difference and being in happy and passionate relationships. I help my clients fo find clarity, purpose and passion in every area of their lives.

My Journey

Have I always been a life coach? No, oh hell no! I used to work in hospitality but always knew that it wasn’t it. After going through some health issues, being and feeling miserable, staying home on the sofa and watching TV and hit rock bottom.

One day I decided to get up and take control over my then miserable life. I became a nutritionist and relaised that I need to upgrade to be a life coach as well as people who’re looking to lose weight need to first work on their mindsets.

Eventually I started my own business and discovered that my true passion is not being a life & relationships coach, not a nutritionist. I continue to learn, grow and discovering what else is there for me.

My journey as a second wife and step-mum inspired me to start breaking the stigma associated with these two. I’m helping step-mums to create a strong foundation for every member of their blended families by learning powerful communications and listening skills (and much more). You can find out more about it HERE  or in my BLOGS  


My Wedding As The Second Wife

We had our wedding in the Czech Republic when I’m originally from. So you can imagine that my husband didn't do much planning or helping. It was all up to me and my mum, but it was my price to pay for having the wedding in my home town with my grandfathers.  On...

Where I went wrong as a new step mum

As a step mum, you can struggle even if you’re not going thought crazy drama you hear or read about. It takes time to wrap your head around so many things, find your ‘place’ and find a good balance.   Here are 5 things where I went wrong (and wish I didn’t)     ...

Am I the right person to be a step-mum?

  Are you dating a single dad or thinking about it and asking yourself if you are the right person to be a step-mum? I don’t have yes or no answer for you, but there are my very brief thoughts 1. If you don’t have kids your own, going from zero kids to even one...