Christmas and Blended families have the potential to turn into a war zone, as relationships between ex-partners (and others) often get in the way of joyous celebrations.

Last year I decided to write a short eBook ‘How NOT to survive Christmas’ For me, Christmas is less about survival and more about peace, love and understanding. These days the word ‘survive’ is overused – so many articles start with ‘HOW TO SURVIVE’.

So what is my issue with this word?

This word shapes our mindset. It changes our mood, we get upset, over-sensitive and we feel like this only happens to us. We become victims of our own ‘tragedies’. It’s about finding and creating peace within yourself because once you do those around you will find the same, then your blended family will truly have a great Christmas and even better New Year.

⭐Tools for Letting go of Resentment, communication skills and creating healthy boundaries.

⭐Getting rid of toxic behaviour and not being involved in it.

⭐Tips on how to transform the relationship between co-parents and stepparents.

⭐.. and much more.


Get the Free Copy Here: How NOT to survive Christmas – Veronika Durham – free copy