Life Coaching

If you’re here, looking for a life coach you know your life is not exactly what you want to be like or what you expected to be.

You have two options:

A. Continue in what you’re doing now and not changing much about your life

B. Cut the crap and take control over your life

My coaching and approach is honest and direct. It’s perfect for someone looking for customised, one-on-one, solution-focused support. 

To give you the breakthroughs that you’re looking for, I won’t sugar coat your issues. I won’t try to ‘fix’ or change you because I believe that there’s nothing wrong with people, they might be lost, hurt or confused. 

Why you might need coaching

  • Feeling nauseous, having stomach cramps or/and heart palpitations when you’re nervous/stressed
  • You’re too busy with repetitive negative thoughts
  • Can’t ‘switch off’ and you’re not able to relax and feeling calm
  • Anxiety affecting relationships, career or other goals
  • Feeling anxious and insecure
  • Avoiding situations due to your insecurity
  • You’re not able (find difficult) to open up, share your thoughts and emotions with others
  • Feeling powerless when you must make decisions, waiting for the approval of others to feel confident and secure
  • Sabotaging relationships and/or career goals
  • Something happened in your past and you don’t know how to get over it
  • Overly blaming yourself for other people’s behaviours and mistakes
  • Overly blaming others for your behaviour and mistakes

What You’ll Achieve With Coaching 

  • Discover the real root cause of your anxiety
  • Learn powerful tools how to avoid, manage or stop your future anxiety attacks, negative thoughts and limiting believes
  • Being in control of your life and your well-being
  • Identify unhealthy relationships and habits that are sabotaging you
  • Learn how to gain/raise your confidence/self-esteem
  • You’ll make better decisions and reach your goals more easily
  • Improve your family life, including relationships with your parents
  • Build and nurture new relationships more easily
  • Improve your work performance

How does it work?  


Book a Complimentary Session: We’ll explore the issues you would like to deal with or where do you need support. This consultation will give you a taste of what my coaching is like and if we’re a good fit. My promise to you it’s that you’ll walk away with a breakthrough from this session. Book the 60-minute complimentary session HERE.

One to One Coaching:  you can choose from a range of packages ranging from 1-3 hours to a packages that offer continual support for 3 to 12 months.  

Skype or Face-to-Face Session: Where possible it is beneficial for at least the first session to be face to face, this session can take place at a convenient venue, your office or home (only central London or Kent). I work with clients all over the world and Skype calls are a popular option as it makes my client’s life easier. 

Invite Your Partner: you can invite our partner for one session for no extra charge otherwise packages for couples available or you can simply upgrade yours. 

Support In Between: you’re welcome to call or email me in between sessions if you’re dealing with something urgent, which can’t wait until the next session. One quick conversation can help you to be powerful and get ‘unstuck’. For a limited number of my personal clients, I offer a premium service for clients requiring out of hours advice when they need urgent support. Contact me to discuss what would work best for you to give you the results you are looking for.




Veronika runs workshops and seminars on transforming different areas of life. She runs public and private workshops and tailors them to suit her audience. Topics include:

How to heal and move forward after break up or divorce.
How to deal with anxiety, limiting belives and other crap life throws at you.
Single, step and co-parenting life.
….and much more.


The very FIRST UK podcast for blended families is finally here! In each episode, I’ll share with you great tips and tools on how to deal with anything that life throws at you in. I’m someone who made tons of mistakes but always managed to get up and learn something from it.  

Who are and will be my guests?  

Real people sharing their real stories about single, step and co-parenting journey. Specialists from different fields such as sex education, law, social and health care and much more. Listen here.


For comments in the media, public speaking at seminars, exhibitions and conferences please click here


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