I couldn’t ask for a better first guest on my podcast! Gavin is a dad and stepdad living here in the UK. We could talk for hours, well we kind of did, about getting a divorce, starting over as a single dad and blending two families with his girlfriend Amy. They are a blended family of seven and they just celebrated one year anniversary in their new home, you can follow them HERE 

Real Stuff & People

After an overwhelming response, I decided to create ‘Real stuff and people’ serial to give a voice to real people and their stories. It’s time to honestly and openly speak about stepfamilies, co-parenting and single parenting in the UK (and outside). Don’t miss on future episodes by subscribing to this podcast. 

Are you struggling to cope with co-parenting or step-parenting? Are you confused about your role, place and responsibilities?  These and many more are common struggles in blended families and co-parenting relationships. That is why relationship and blended family coach Veronika Durham would like to introduce you The Parenting Blend coaching group. 

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This podcast episode was edited by my lovely stepdaughter S. Durham and my handsome husband.