Sex and relationship education can be very tricky for parents and stepparent.

When do we start talking to the kids about it? What am I going to say if I don’t know the answer? What if my partner and I have different opinions on sex education? Am I allowed to talk to my stepchildren about it? Should I wait for the school to educate my kids?

I had many questions for Beckie from ‘What’s the debate’ and must say this was our first episode, but not the last one!

Did you know the last time the sex and relationship education curriculum in the UK was reviewed 20 years ago?! I was shocked when Beckie told me this.

Beckie is the Creator, Designer and Owner of ‘What’s The Debate?’ Statement Cards, Lesson Plans and Training Packages. She has worked with Children and Young People around the issues of Sexual Violence, Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health for 15 years now and during that time she has heard numerous opinions and views around those subjects from the young people and also from professionals.

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