We say hate a lot – I hate this weather, spiders, and this and that.

YET, we don’t like when kids say ‘HATE’ when they are disappointed, angry, raging or worried. If someone tells you I hate you, you either know very well what you have done to deserve this or you go, why? What did I do?

And now

Imagine if now as a grown-up you would say to someone I hate you and that person tells you – oh we don’t know that word, we don’t use that word, that’s not nice……

I would go what the fudge are you are talking about. Why you’re treating me like a little kid? It would be completely ridiculous.

Or you say to your friend oh I hate when my coffee gets cold, and she goes, you’re not allowed to say that. Just imagine that.

Let’s Don’t dismiss kids’ feelings just because they are children.

They need to learn all about emotions and feelings, we want them to be emotionally intelligent so we must let them express themselves.  They need to learn there are more feelings and reactions than HATE. Telling them you are strong, independent and beautiful is not enough.

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