I found Veronika on Instagram and after reading through her posts and listening to her podcast, I realised that she had been through exactly what I was going through and had such good advice to give me. I had been turning myself inside with worry thinking that I was an awful person for feeling the way I did about my boyfriend’s ex-wife and child. I knew straight away that Veronika would be able to help me. The fact that she has been through everything herself is just so reassuring. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone.  

Her coaching plans were tailored and I was able to pick one that really suited my life and work schedule. She was accomodating in appointments and this really allowed me to fit the coaching into my working week easily. From the beginning, there was a strong, genuine feeling that she really wanted to help me. Her approach was very friendly and calming but also no nonsense and she really got me to look at things from perspectives that I was unwilling/unable to see. At times, she digs deep. Usually, I would have a guard up when this happens but I was so relaxed and trusted her to explore some painful stuff. When this did happen, she was always there for me to check that I was ok after it. Our relationship was strong enough for me to tell her that I found it difficult and would like to slow the pace down. She is intuitive and had already adjusted our work in order for this to happen. After the deep sessions, it was like a lightbulb had gone off and I realised things that I had never understood before. Very powerful.  

Throughout our course personal things popped up for me and Veronika was there for me. She was able to direct the coaching to support me through these issues and helped me to develop strategies to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed. Knowing she was there for me, really made all the difference and I feel stronger as a person to deal with tricky situations. I can honestly say this coaching has been life-changing. Veronika offers the perfect balance of pushing you to find clarity whilst also providing safe support to do. Thank you, Veronika. I am proud of what you helped me to do and so very glad that I found you. 


University Lecturer

I wasn’t happy about my relationship I’ve had with my parents and my attitude towards them.
I had a problem to understand the way I was acting at certain situations with my family/friends or my boyfriend. I was frustrated as I wasn’t able to identify the reasons behind. And it caused other problems as people important to me were stepping back due to my ‘misbehavior’
I asked you for help as I felt I didn’t know where to start with ‘fixing’ myself.

The beginning of the process wasn’t easy for me as I didn’t know what to expect and what I am going to find out about myself. I think the key of the whole process was to help me identify where the main source of my all issues is.
The questioning during the whole session was never easy but I know it was essential and I would have never be able to come out with those questions by myself.
Also the feedback, it was very important for me to work on myself every day and make sure I am progressing through this process
I became more aware of my reactions and emotions. I am more focus on what I want and what kind of person I want to be so I can be a happy and free person.
I’ve been working on this by taking actions and being more self-expressive. I cannot say I am perfect now and there is nothing I have to work on. There is definitely a lot I have to work on but at least I can identify where my reactions or frustration come from and have some useful tools to make it works better next time.

I would definitely recommend Veronika to anyone who is looking for a coach with the ability to let you explore the problems in your own way. In my case I was given a lot of support and motivation through all my sessions. It helped me to stay focused on what I want and not giving up on this. Highly recommend!


Sales & Marketing

I have had fantastic and life-changing sessions with Veronika. She enabled me to unpick and really get past some roadblocks in my mind and move forward in my relationship with my partner and stepson but also with myself. She was straightforward, understanding and also gave me really helpful practical steps to help me through the tough times and to have more effective and positive conversations with my partner.


Sales & Marketing

I had been trying to build a business for a long time that I had no confidence in focusing on predominantly.  So, I was always working other part -time or full-time jobs around it.  I have never been able to focus on one thing, so unable to afford to live comfortably with no financial problems.  I also was suffering with severe exhaustion and destressed with my eating problems and my partner.  As a fitness instructor I found it hard to teach a class without completely crashing with lake of energy half way through.  Myself and my partner had been growing apart and I thought it was due to my exhaustion and inability to much anymore.  I thought a local coach would be a good starting point.

Doctors told me I was depressed so continued with antidepressants and told it would improve over time!

I couldn’t see a resolution or a direction to follow to help improve my eating and physical wellbeing, so I found Veronika through word of mouth.  She helped me realise that following your heart and mind can always cause problems, but by following your gut, you will get where you need to be.  Basically, I found that my need for alcohol and bad foods was a security blanket to keep my relationship intact.  I would only drink with him and eat badly with him. It was the only thing we both enjoyed doing together.  I was told to focus on my eating habits, slow down my eating, reduce quantities, and Veronika dug deep to find out an answer to a lot of faults and problems in my life.  She helped me prioritise, clear my mind, and realise how toxic my relationship was.

I learnt how to focus on my needs and what makes me happy and sad.  How to remove the negative aspects in my life, along with planning a direction to start following, to improve my eating and my life style on my own.


Fitness Instructor

I chose Veronika to help inspire me on my career choices as I find her honest, very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.

She helped me to say things out loud that I wasn’t able to do myself. She gave me confidence and advice and she asked me the right questions.

From my work with Veronika I’m getting more ideas about my future projects and results in my network and career strategy. I look forward to continuing my programme with her and I would recommend Veronika without hesitation


Event & Production Manager