Here we go again 14th of February is here!

Despite being married here are five reasons why I don’t care about Valentine’s day:

Money, Money, Money

I’m originally from the Czech Republic and celebrating V. day wasn’t a thing there until early 2000. I could see that one year some shops introduced a small selection of gift and the following year it was everywhere. They don’t care if you’re in love they want your money! It’s just another bloody good business idea, just like Halloween and Mother/Father’s Day.

Love day in the Czech Republic: Tradition is on May 1st you kiss your loved one beneath a blossoming cherry tree. Tradition says that a girl who is kissed under a blossoming cherry tree will stay beautiful all year round. However, if a cherry blossom cannot be found, couples often kiss beneath any other kind of blooming tree available. The most romantic present I ever got is a cherry tree that my husband on 1st May a few years back. It’s in our garden and it cost him a few pounds.

Weird Gifts

Unless you have a generous budget, your options for typical gifts are stuffed animals, tacky mugs, cheap chocolate in an expensive box, and uncomfortable lingerie. Who wants that? How would Mari Kondo say, ‘Does it spark joy?’. NO!!

I was always clear in my relationships that I don’t do V. day, I don’t want gifts but if they want to celebrate it by going out for dinner, I’ll respect that, just no gifts. My husband knows he won’t get a gift but I’m going to make a lovely dinner just like every other day (he’s well spoiled).

Heartbroken children

So, one thing I really don’t get is why kids were made to do the Valentine’s day at schools and give each other cards! Why on the earth would someone do that? Children are already bullied at school and on social media so here we go and give them one more reason to feel miserable or being mocked for not getting enough or any card. They get hurt by what they think is love even before they start dating and we all know how dating can screw us up. Please someone stop this!! Teach your children don’t take this day seriously.

Unrealistic expectations and I ‘HAVE TO’

I went shopping yesterday and saw a few guys starting at flowers, cards and I could smell the bacon. They were overthinking what to get, which card is the ‘one’ if these roses will be enough.

As I’ve never celebrated this day, I ask my husband if he ever got in a trouble on the Valentine’s day and he did. It made me laugh but it’s shocking at the same time. Once he took his girlfriend to a nice restaurant and thought how well he did and that getting the bill will be enough. Oh, how wrong he was! He didn’t get a card, a stupid card, and she walked of right after she asked, ‘where is my f**** card?!’

Seriously? If people need a card to feel loved they should re-think their priorities! A card doesn’t give you unconditional love!

St Valentine’s day doesn’t mean happiness

Not everyone who celebrates this day is in healthy and happy relationship. People are still heartbroken, thinking about divorce, abusive, cheating, in a toxic relationship or pretending to be in love and buying flowers and gifts just not to get into an argument. If you’re single and upset about being single on 14th February, think twice. It’s better to be single than in a bad relationship!  


I may look like a cupid version of Grinch, but 14th February doesn’t define my or any relationship. Keep giving love every day in every form.

Love Veronika x