Are you dating a single dad or thinking about it and asking yourself if you are the right person to be a step-mum? I don’t have yes or no answer for you, but there are my very brief thoughts

1. If you don’t have kids your own, going from zero kids to even one step-child will turn your life upside down. You can’t completely prepare for what is about to come so asking yourself if you’re the right person is kind of pointless. You just need to give it a go and see.

2. It’s up to the guy you’re dating too! If your boyfriend is constantly talking trash about his ex (I mean real nasty things), he’s not over her, can’t sort out his sh**, can’t find the right balance or you think he’s not a great father you should probably run. I’m able to be a step-mum just because I married a guy who constantly woks on himself, helping me and asking me for help when he struggles.

3. If you’re NOT ready and willing to WORK ON YOURSELF, you may not be the right person. Sorry for telling you that but being a step-mum is a though gig and it requires lot of ‘personal development’ for your own sanity.

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